Golf Outdoor Swing Mat

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Perfect Impact Every Time

It's crucial to know where your club makes its first contact. In fact, striking the ball first and down might increase your distance by up to 20 yards!

Whether you're striking the ball or practicing, your club will leave a temporary impression on the mat.

  • Better impact
  • Improve distance
  • Analyze your swing after your shot

Say Hello to Straight Balls

Did you realize that 90% of slices and hooks are caused by a misaligned clubhead path? Your results will suffer if you cut the ball or come from the inside.

The final fix is to get the face square at impact on the right line.

Our mat enables you to:

  • Know where your club made first contact at every swing; good contact with the golf ball is key
  • Analyze the club path after your swing; train to get in on line consistently

Portable & Compact

Because our Swing Mat is tiny and portable, you may practice anywhere: at work, at home, or outside!

To practice indoors, we recommend soft balls.

It's easy to transport because to the bag that comes with it.

Premium Material

Our Swing Mat is constructed of high-quality materials. The bottom is made of high-quality rubber, and the turf hitting surface mimics a real fairway.

Allows for a realistic hitting, driving, and chipping experience.

  • Rubber bottom to keep the mat from slipping on the floor of your home.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Golf Outdoor Swing Mat