Golf Brush And Club Groove Cleaner

$19.95 $39.95


Clean golf clubs make for a better game! Our Golf Brush and Club Groove Cleaner get all the grit and grime from golf clubs and leave them sparkling clean. A very basic tool with big results!


  • Clean Clubs Can Enhance Performance- Potentially hit golf balls with more accuracy and speed
  • Gentle Brush Heads - Our bronze/nylon brush heads blast through dirt but won't ever scratch clubs
  • Groove Cleaner - Removes even the most stubborn dirt and grime
  • Comfortable & Convenient - The brush is designed with a 23.23-inch retractable zip line carbine and ergonomic grip

Our club cleaner brush cleans clubs in minutes! It's almost an effortless way to get golf clubs gleaming and fresh looking. Plus, when clubs are properly cleaned, the playing game is enhanced.

Our bristles are hard on dirt, grit, grass, and grime, but easy on clubs. The nylon bristles are perfect for cleaning driver and fairway woods/hybrids. The wire bristles are great for quick and efficient cleaning of irons on the fairway.

Our club cleaner also comes with a groove cleaning spike with a safety cap. Use this sharp spike to pick away stubborn grass and dirt from club grooves. Also great for cleaning golf shoes!

The device is designed to be 100% ergonomically sound. The soft rubber grips support and protect hands while scrubbing clubs.